Volume 2,Issue 3,2018 Table of Contents

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Transfusion-associated microchimerism in traumatic patients
  Ying Cui, Rujuan Bao and Shijie Mu
  2018,2(3):137-140 [Abstract(2002)]  [View PDF 211.00 K (2034)]
Tumor immune microenvironment: sanctuary of tumor and target for immunotherapy
  Xuan Gu and Qi Tang
  2018,2(3):141-148 [Abstract(2374)]  [View PDF 634.91 K (2110)]
Human FPR2/ALX receptors are highly expressed in septic patients and regulate autophagy in PMA-stimulated neutrophils
  Yao Lu, Han Zhang, Wenjun Xia, Guixiang Sun, Lingfeng Wang, Linjing Zhang and Aiqing Wen
  2018,2(3):149-154 [Abstract(2067)]  [View PDF 340.69 K (2150)]
Association of sex, age and ABO-Rh(D) type with unexpected antibodies among multitransfused thalassemia patients in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
  Shailendra Vashistha, Kunal Purohit, Devraj Arya and Arun Bharti
  2018,2(3):155-158 [Abstract(2281)]  [View PDF 321.28 K (2060)]
A survey of phenotype distribution of subgroup A2, blood groups MNS, P, and Kell in the Kazak nationality living in northern Xinjiang of China
  Fen Qiu, Gulibahati, Jun Wen, Xuemei Tian, Asmuguli and Hui Pan
  2018,2(3):159-163 [Abstract(2454)]  [View PDF 268.29 K (2182)]
Mayor histocompatibility complex class Ⅱ (HLA-DR) is associated with morphea and systemic sclerosis patients
  Natalia Rebollo-Domínguez, María-Elisa Vega-Memije, Pablo Villaseñor-Ovies, Maricela García-Lechuga, Julio Granados and Lucia Rangel-Gamboa
  2018,2(3):165-170 [Abstract(2498)]  [View PDF 704.45 K (2094)]
Performance verification of Roche Cobas s201 nucleic acid test system in Dongguan Blood Center
  Shaobin Chen, Ziyi He, Qingkai Chen, Lin Yu and Qing Wang
  2018,2(3):171-175 [Abstract(2589)]  [View PDF 2.89 M (2633)]
HMP19 is a new metastasis suppressor in epithelial ovarian cancer
  Yuanlin Liu, Shuang Liu, Yingjing Wang, Min Su, Yuquan Zhang, Xiaoqin Liu, Feng Yao and Yunzhao Xu
  2018,2(3):177-182 [Abstract(2513)]  [View PDF 784.30 K (2114)]
HLA class Ⅱ alleles in human sporotrichosis in Mexican Amerindians
  Guadalupe E. Estrada-Chávez, Roberto Estrada, Guadalupe Chavez, María-Elisa Vega Memije, Roberto Arenas Guzmán, Maricela García-Lechuga, Julio Granados and Lucia Rangel-Gamboa
  2018,2(3):183-190 [Abstract(2479)]  [View PDF 792.26 K (2049)]
Passenger lymphocyte syndrome after minor ABO-incompatible stem cell transplantation: A case report
  Zhiyuan Xu, Xiaofei Li, Kai Liu, Ye Zhang, Guangyan Zhuang, Tingting Liu, Tianhong Miao and YuShiang Lin
  2018,2(3):191-193 [Abstract(1731)]  [View PDF 2.71 M (2133)]
Extremely rare anti-Kpa was found in a Chinese blood donor: A case report
  Ziyi He, Yingming Hu, Ciping Cui, and Jialin Che
  2018,2(3):195-197 [Abstract(1713)]  [View PDF 2.42 M (2178)]