The 1st Editorial Board Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Blood and Genes

was held in LIBO Medicine

 On Dec.10th 2016, the 1st Editorial Board Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Blood and Genes (APJGB) was ceremoniously held at the academic hall of Jiangsu LIBO Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd (LIBO Medicine). 


  More than seventy experts attended the 1st editorial board Meeting, who came from more than ten countries and regions, including China, the United States, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The leaders from the Science and Technology Bureau, Economic and Information Commission, High-Tech Zone and the Biological/ Pharmaceutical Industrial Park of Jiangyin also attended the 1st editorial board meeting.




Mr. Zhengxian Tao (Deputy Director of Management Committee of Jiangyin High-Tech Zone) made the introductory speech. Then the members of the 1st Editorial Board of APJBG were announced. The Honorary Editor-in-Chief and Professor Zhixin Zhang, Editor-in-Chief and Prof. Daowang Fan, Prof. Fang Yeh Chu of Taiwan et al all made speeches respectively. Subsequently, Deputy Editor-in-Chiefs Prof. Zhenqing Feng and Prof. Siegfried Janz made the APJBG working and seminar reports. Finally, all the members discussed the direction, goals and development measures for the APJBG; including the processes and working mechanisms of solicit contributions, peer review, finalization and editing, the periodical publicity etc.





 The aim of the APJGB is to gain access to and rank highly in the Science Citation Index (SCIin the future through the joint efforts of all the members of the editorial board and all the authors whose papers are selected for the publication, and to provide the researchers and clinicians worldwide with an open forum to disseminate important new information.

 In the afternoon, Prof. Zhenqing Feng made an important report about evaluation and application of the fund. Afterwards, the experts discussed warmly on nationally rare blood groups (including Rh negative blood group), the foundation of the gene database, hemolytic anemia induced by antibiotic and other topics.