Prof. Zhao Tongmao of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was invited to

join the editorial board of APJBG

 On Feb.13, 2017, Prof. Zhao Tongmao of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was invited to visit Jiangsu LIBO Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd (LIBO Medicine) and gave a lecture on blood group gene detection. More than 30 R & D staff listened the lecture.

Prof. Zhao introduced the origin and development of blood typing and the advantages and disadvantages of current blood type gene detection methods. At the same time, Prof. Zhao gave an in-depth and detailed explanation of the theoretical knowledge and practical application of blood group gene detection technology. Prof. Zhao's profound knowledge and wonderful speech made the participants feel refreshed and all those in attendance benefited greatly.

Chairman Mr. Chen Yuping met with Prof. Zhao and introduced the recent developments of LIBO Medicine and the establishment of the "Asia-Pacific Journal of Blood Types and Genes", and cordially invited Prof. Zhao to join the editorial board of the journal.

Prof. Zhao gave a full affirmation and evaluation of LIBO Medicine's achievements and honor in recent years, and was gratified at the development and growth of its national enterprises. Prof. Zhao highly appreciated the vision and courage in establishing this ambitious and professional blood transfusion journal, and expressed his acceptance of the invitation to become a member of the editorial board of the APJBG.