The Tim Hunt Research Institute established in LIBO Medicine

        On December 19th, 2017, Nobel Prize Laureate Sir / Professor Tim Hunt was invited to visit Jiangsu LIBO Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltdwhere Mr Chen Yuping was delighted to meet with him.     

In 2001, Professor Hunt received the Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine (with Sir Paul M. Nurse and Prof. Leland H. Hartwell) for his contribution to discoveries of protein molecules that control the division of cells. For these contributions, Professor Hunt was recognized in 2006 with a knighthood. Until 2010 professor Hunt headed his own research laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute in London, focusing on cell cycle control. Professor Hunt was a member of the European Research Council until recently, and remains an Emeritus Scientist, still providing valuable contributions at the Francis Crick Institute.

During this visit, an agreement of co-operation was signed by Mr Chen Yuping and Sir / Professor Hunt, and our team was highly delighted to open the “Tim Hunt Nobel Prize Laureate Research Institute” at LIBO Medicine.

Professor Hunt enjoyed his hospitality courtesy of LIBO Medicine, and was personally moved to see his name on such an impressive facility. Professor Hunt stressed the importance of class leading facilities, and gave his indomitable support to the Asia-Pacific Journal of Blood Types and Genes and gave his signature and best wishes.