Cooperation Agreement Signed between Nanjing Medical University and Our Company


On the afternoon of May 19th 2020, our company, Jiangsu LIBO Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., entered into a cooperation agreement with Nanjing Medical University in order to achieve further cooperation. Academician and President Hongbing Shen, Vice-President Yong Ji and other leaders of Nanjing Medical University and Yuping Chen, General Manager of LIBO attended the signing ceremony.


On behalf of the university, President Hongbing Shen warmly greeted LIBO delegation led by General Manager Yuping Chen. He expressed his expectation that, with this framework agreement as a starting point, we can determine the goals and tasks of cooperation and integrative development between university and enterprise, converge the advantages of policies, funds, projects, platforms and human resources to the greatest extent, establish a carrier for collaborative innovation brought together by enterprises, academia and research institutes, promote the conversion of high-tech achievements and create a new example of cooperation between university and enterprise.


General Manager Yuping Chen gave an overview of the company's development over the past few years, as well as its planning objectives and the situation of projects under research and development, and also extended sincere gratitude to Nanjing Medical University for the long-term support and cooperation. General Manager Yuping Chen hoped that we can take the opportunity of this framework agreement to conduct closer project cooperation with Academician Hongbing Shen and the university team, further advance win-win results by complementing each other with their own advantages, strengthen technical cooperation of experimental platforms of both parties, establish a sound clinical blood specimen database for the cause of research and development of innovative clinical test, improve clinical diagnosis technology and serve the precision medical industry, thus effectively promoting the constructive interaction between education and medicine industry, and the sustainable development.


Subsequently, Yong Ji, Vice-President of Nanjing Medical University and Yuping Chen, General Manager of LIBO jointly signed Cooperation Agreement between Nanjing Medical University and Jiangsu LIBO Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Deputy Dean and doctors of our Nobel Prize Research Institute and relevant department leaders of Key Laboratory of Antibody Technique attended the signing ceremony.


After the ceremony, the Research and Development Department of LIBO had an in-depth discussion regarding the cooperation project with researchers from NHC Key Laboratory of Antibody Techniques.


 (The Editorial Office of Blood and Genomics)