The 1st Plenary Meeting of the Second Editorial Board of Blood and Genomics Held in Jiangyin

On June 16th 2020, the Blood and Genomics held its 1st plenary meeting of the second editorial board at Jiangsu LIBO Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was conducted in a way fitting for the protection of its members and the wider community’s health – by conducting a combination of offline and online meetings, with nearly 20 experts from all over China arriving at the venue and more than 10 editorial board members participating in the discussion via remote video. Yuping Chen, General Manager of Jiangsu LIBO Medicine Biotechnology Co., Ltd delivered a welcome address, expressing his heartfelt gratitude for the long-term support given by all editorial board members and offering his encouragement that the journal may sustain an increased robust development in the future.

Firstly, the members of the Second Editorial Board were announced by Ming Gao, Deputy Director of the Tim Hunt (Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology) Research Institute. Prof. Zhongjun Li, the new Editor-in-Chief, delivered a speech in which he put forward his fresh and deeply considered thoughts on journal development - emphasizing researches on blood and genomics to create an excellent domestic journal with a wider scope of international influence. Afterwards, the Editorial Office presented the working report, which looked back upon the development course of the journal and its achievements attained over the past three years, analyzing existing problems, introducing new work processes, and putting forward some suggestions on how to improve both the academic and publishing quality of the journal. Then a group photo of all attendees was taken.

Subsequently, all experts offline and online had an involved discussion on the journal’s future development. Many feasible and constructive suggestions were raised regarding how to boost the quantity and quality of manuscript contribution, strengthen the journal’s publicity, expedite the pace of inclusion by all the main databases, and enhance the journal’s awareness and influence both at home and abroad.

Finally, the new Editor-in-Chief Prof. Zhongjun Li gave the concluding remarks. He spoke of his high appreciation for the enormous efforts made by the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editors-in-Chief and all members of the former Editorial Board. He expressed his gratitude to all participating experts for all their suggestions, advocated that the journal should co-operate with companies, universities and clinical institutions, while also enhancing its publicity by virtue of the influence of We-Media, and hoped that the new Editorial Board members can make concerted efforts to fulfill the common goal of “creating an excellent domestic journal with international influence”.


(The Editorial Office of Blood and Genomics)