2021 Editorial Working Conference of Blood and Genomics Held in Chongqing

On March 21, 2021, the Editorial Working Conference of Blood and Genomics was held in the Great Wall Hotel, Chongqing, China. Prof. Zhongjun Li, Editor-in-Chief of Blood and Genomics, and part of the Deputy Editors-in-Chief (Yuping Chen, Zhenqing Feng, Ming Gao, Zhiwei Liu) and Associate Editors (Shuming Zhao, Li Chen and Qian Ran) attended the meeting. Yuping Chen, president of LIBO Medicine, delivered a warm opening speech and expressed his gratitude to the participating experts and all members of the Editorial Board for their hard work and long-term support for the journal.

In the first session, the Editorial Office presented the working report which looked back on the operational situation and achievements of the journal in 2020, and elaborated on the potential measures to be taken in 2021. Prof. Zhenqing Feng, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, made important remarks recommending the integration of new supporting systems, and suggesting that the operation ideas and modes should be updated to make the journal publication more standard as well as to improve the quality of the journal.

In the second session, the participating experts had an energetic discussion centering on the journal’s future development, such as updating the supporting systems, improving manuscript quantity and quality, expanding the expert team, and setting both short-term and long-term developments goals. During the discussion, many feasible and constructive suggestions were raised and would serve as powerful guidance for work of the Editorial Office.

Finally, Prof. Zhongjun Li, Editor-in-Chief of Blood and Genomics, gave the concluding remarks where he stressed that we need to further expand the field of expert team to hematology and genomics, engage guest editors to help solicit contributions and adopt professional supporting systems to enhance the editors’ work efficiency, so as to realize the goal of inclusion by SCIE within 2-3 years. He also mentioned that with the COVID-19 being increasingly curbed, we are bound to achieve more under the concerted effort of the experts.



(The Editorial Office of Blood and Genomics)